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NV1500 (MW2) transmission partial disassembly

Partial disassembly and internal inspection of gears.

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Any links to the information I have found useful for this application, I will try to provide.

This assembly came out of a 1998 Isuzu Hombre with the 5-speed manual NV1500 transmission (RPO code: MW2) Also applies to other S10, Sonoma, Isuzu Hombre models with the NV1500 between the 1996 and 2003 model years (1996-2000 for Hombre). The NV1500 was only available for the 2.2L inline 4-cylinder engines (RPO code: LN2 for 1996-2000, & 2003; L43 for 1998-2002)

This will be swapped into my 1998 Chevy S10 with the same trans/trans code. The only difference being that my current unit has worn out synchros in 2nd and 3rd gear and a "whiny" input shaft bearing at 181k miles being the original unit.

Note: This was done in and around a small apartment, so much time a prep was needed so that I don't lose my security deposit on my lease. This was also done here in regards to the April 2020 stay-at-home recommendation by the state of Tennessee in response to Covid-19. Otherwise I would do this at my parents garage that has better interior lighting and a bigger working space. I am by no means a professional mechanic, only an immensly curious individual with very little video/photo information to go on with the NV1500, and many tools at my disposal. This is literally my first transmission disassembly. This was also written with those in mind who haven't attempted this kind of thing before. I have found a lot of information useful with videos regarding the NV3500, since they share a similar configuration based on orientation of parts shown in these photos. My personal goal with this is to help those seeking the same information that I am/was. Most of this information is written through my observation of how it appears to function. I'm not an engineer, so if anyone can provide any information or a better explanation, feel free to do so. I am attempting t provide as much information as possible with this disassembly for as many people that may find it useful. If I'm wrong, which I may be, feel free to correct me so that I may re-edit this for better accuracy.

I have found some information via Wikipedia (regarding the engine available for these models: GM 122 engine, to be specific), and many google, yahoo and youtube searches. One in particular is "Eric the car guy" on youtube that did and engine replacement on a Sonoma with the 2.2L and a drain and fill of this same transmission. Link to first part of series (not sponsered, but truly helpful):
. There are two separate forum posts: 1. transmission disassembly and inspection; & 2. Sloppy shifter issues with disassembly.

-How to Rebuild and Modify High-Performance Manual Transmissions by Paul Cangiolosi (used for inspection and general tips, tricks and tools)
-breaker/cheater bar
-multi-piece socket set with bits:
-7/8" deep socket*
-17mm HEX*
-10 inch ratchet extension
-snap ring pliers (external-type)
-rubber mallet
-long curved tip pliers or "detent plug removal tool" (see photo 1L-1P)
-penetrating oil (WD-40, liquid wrench, PB Catalyst, etc)
-a magnetic pen or bolt retriever
-ziploc bag or magnetic tray for bolts and small parts
*Not included in most standard sets that I've found.

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