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95' 4x4 excab lngbd auto s10 1owner low miles
Light Gold soon to be Gloss Black with Carbon Fiber Accents
2000 s10 custom build
Found this gem on Facebook for $1,400
1985 chevy s10 blazer with 5.5” of lift sitting on 33x12.50r15 tires/wheels. Has a 3.4l carbureted motor swap and stock running gear all around.
I have a vacuum hose that I can’t find the last port for. I’ve found the solenoid port and the nipple on the driver side fender but I can’t find the 3rd. I have a 2001 s10 2wd 4.3l v6 and was wondering if anyone had an image or diagram that could help me
The old shitbox edition, dubbed the Grey Ghost.
S10 blazer wearing model A
Little red go cart
my bagged s10 that lays frame that i wanna body drop
I bought it cheap and made it into an a-tractor. Top speed is 30kmh. Of course i removed the muffler and added two 12 inch gas alpha subwoofers an an amp an then one 8 inch mid in each door. It has 31 inch cooper discoverer s/t on stock rims. i plan on making my own headache rack and have a...
i have my first truck and its a 96 gmc sonoma 5 speed v6 4,3L 4x4 and it has been sitting for 5 yrs i got a new driveshaft cuz old one was bad and about a week ago the transfer case cracked
In desperate need for improvements
I just got this 2002 S10 ext cab LS 2wd on 3/20/21. It's going to be a backup vehicle and project for my sons and myself.
Just picked up this truck a couple weeks ago. Bought as a side project and is going pretty well so for
Want to v8 if and when this tough as nails 2.5 dies still passing emission and running like champ with over 200.000 oridginal clutch !
2000 chevy s10 that looks stock, but couldn't be further from it now