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Hello community,
Just wanted to provide an update on my 2000 S10 ZR2 project. So the 33's are on with the help of a 2" body lift. The wheels rub still when turning so its a good thing a bought a 2" suspension lift.

When i first got this truck around a year ago it wasn't running and have since got it running with a rebuilt 4.3L under the hood. after i got her running, being young and dumb i decided to go mudding in the back yard and because that old muffler was causing it to be very quiet i decided to replace the entire exhaust, new pipes, new cat and a new 12" glasspack (imma be honest the "muffling" part is only 6" long and the inlet and outlet are the other 6")

Now onto the transmission. after spending hours troubleshooting why it wouldn't shift and looking at forums a simple new/used transmission replacement was the fix. it somehow still drove with clutch packs in the oil pan lolol.

Up next we have the transfer case. this is where i learned that this truck may have been flooded at one point. i planned on rebuilding the transfer case anyway even though it was working so i bought a rebuild kit which worked out perfect cause i dropped the tranny anyway. As i broke the case open i was greeted with a lot of rust on the planetary gear set and one of the sliding gears the shift forks move. i tried cleaning them up with a scotchbrite pad but after cleaning there was substantial amounts of pitting so i opted to replace. so for about $120 in good used parts and whatever the rebuild kit cost i have a solid transfer case now. i even got an upgrade to a 4 pinion planetary set from a 3 pinion that i took out for some added strength.

Suspension lift says it's supposed to take 4 to 6 hours.... thats a load of crap. ive got the whole front end apart right now just to install this kit. new upper control arms a little bit of sawing on the diff and finding other issues like bushings split in two and a torsion bar that really loves being inside the passenger side control arm. its a blast in the sense i kinda wanna blow the truck up rn. so far the front diff is out i just havent split it to install the 4.56 gears before i put it back together and saw the upper mount off of it. its really the other issues that got me annoyed.

now the steering and suspension issues. my front bushings are completely shot. so i replaced them, im also replacing all the steering components from the pitman arm down. its all old and has lots of play so new center link, tie rods and adjustment sleeves, everything pretty much. even bought a new high pressure line for my power steering gearbox to replace a leaking one.

Vacuum actuators suck so i bought a cable actuated kit to engage the front diff. thats all i got to say about that.

Next up Breaks, brakes, braks, they were pretty much all froze up so new calipers and pads all around along with a new master cylinder. new caliper mounting bracket after a stubborn slide bolt decided to break off inside.

ok im getting tired of writing so imma write a list for the rest of it,

spark plugs and wire
MSD distributor kit
ignition coil
33" mud terrains
15" pro comp steel wheels
alternator regulator connector
serpentine belt
fan shroud
rear steel driveshaft
vacuum lines completely replaced
power steering pump
brake line from master cylinder to abs unit ($100)
bolts for transmission crossmember
keyed lugnuts
differential rebuild kits front and rear (bought not installed yet)
fuel filter
steering coupling assembly
flushed transmission lines
lots of WD-40 like you wouldn't believe. prolly on my 5 or 6 can

This truck has cost me alot more than i thought thats for sure. but im doing it right and it should drive like a dream when its done. i hope yall like what ive done so far. ill post pictures in the comments below because they are on my phone.

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Wow. Looks like your having to do all the maintenance at the same time. At least being in Texas you don't have all the rusted body and frame issues we have up North. Should be a really nice truck when you get it back together.
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