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so in incoder motor is shot on my 98 Zr2 and before i start this little adventure of ripping into this i wanted to get some imput.

first, how do i remove the front drive shaft, it seems to be a universal style connect at the transfer case and the usual universal at the diff. im not sure about how to get that off, and if anyone could show me pics or give me a good description as to how about doing this it would be very appreciated

second, is than anything else i need to worry about, proper alignment of the module, do i actually need to remove the drive shaft, and do i have to remove a battery terminal before i install the new on to reset the computer or anything.

any help would be greatly appreciated cause this is the first time im ripping all this apart, thanks guys

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[quote name='Crusty' date='Sep 2 2006, 01:11 PM' post='96247']
Ok here is how to replace ur transfer case shift motor.

Ok tools that are needed
1. 8mm hand wrench
2. 10mm hand wrench
3. 10mm socket wrench
4. 11mm hand wrench
5. Brass drift or copper headed hammer.
6. Electrical tape
7. 15mm socket wrench
8. Short pry bar
9. Small crescent wrench

Remove transfer skid plate 3 bolts 2 nuts all are 15mm

Disconnect driveshaft front U joint. 4 bolts 11mm you may have to use a pry bar to hold the drive shaft from turning

After you have removed the 4 bolts and 2 retaining caps you will have to pry from the back side of the U joint to make it separate, Make sure the U joint caps do not fall off of U joint, then wrap the end caps with tape this will keep them in place.

You can remove the back side of the drive shaft by tapping it with a Brass drift or a copper headed hammer, or use a block of wood.

You will have to guide the front of the driveshaft over the front yoke

Now just move the drive shaft out of the way do not try to take it all the way out

Next disconnect the wire plug from the T-case shifter, Use a 8mm wrench be careful this is a (Tight squeeze)

Now you can remove the 3 bolts that hold the shift motor to the Transfer case.
All are 10mm the bottom one you can use a wrench the upper ones use a socket

Now you can remove the shift motor and test the Transfer case use a small crescent wrench on the shaft coming out of the T-case make sure ur Z is in neutral. You should be able to pull down on the wrench and make it shift; if it is in 2 wheel drive then the first click will be 4H and all the way down will be 4L

Now you can install new shift motor, you may have to shift the T-case to get the shift motor to line up.

After u have installed the shift motor reconnect the wire plug, Do Not over tighten the 8mm bolt just snug it down.
Now you can test the New motor.
Make sure you are in neutral with key on you do not need to start the engine.
Now push the buttons u should here it shift and the lights should change,
If this all works reconnect the rest of the parts,

It should take anywhere from 30 min to an hour,

Good Luck

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Not trying to insult anyone's inteligence...

I have a 1998 Sonoma... non zr-2 / highrider and I have no problem getting the transfer case motor on and off without removing the front driveshaft.

I've had to pull it twice and replace it.... and its fine. After pulling and replacing it a few times, you begin to see the correct angle that it slides in at..

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i got a question? i just put weld racing wheels 15-8 on my 98 zr2..... it is hitting my finder how much of a body lift would i havet to get for it to clear??
i got all-terrian 31inch on it.
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