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ZombieR2 needs to pick your brains

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I have a build thread, but I'll probably get more insight in this section- this will only be the SFA part of my truck rebuild.

Here is the other thread- I'm not going to bother posting SFA stuff in there now.


Here is the blank slate for the 1987 Wagoneer front and 1994 Isuzu Rodeo rear. I'm going to run 35x12.5R15 BFG KM2 tires and keep the 4.30 gear ratio and Trac-lok limited slip front and back. I plan to use an astro steering box with a wagoneer pitman arm, but I'm not going to know for sure until I mount the front axle.

The Rodeo dana44 seems to be in good shape, even the brake pads look brand new, I think I will be OK to just clean it up and re-grease/lube everything and paint it before putting it in.

zip ties on the calibres

I cut the old perches off and smoothed it out

I ordered this kit from 4wdfactory.com

8-11-92 is the date stamped into this differential cover.

I'm going to try and keep the stock leaf springs and make new shackles to adjust the rear height to match the front.

I haven't decided on the front springs yet, but dodge dakotas are plentiful at my local junkyard. The front dana44 will probably be a full rebuild- it looks pretty worn out.

I have Mile Marker hubs waiting to go in.

Thanks for taking a look!
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I wonder if I can make some flares work on the 4door blazers..... Someone with access to cheap flares PM me. And I am talking cheap now...
I'll Pm you.
I would definitely hold off on the shocks until you get them. You can work a setup to temporarily run the ZR2 shocks that you have on it, probably w/o too much work as well.
I wonder how many cops could look at a heim or TRE and know the difference.
But this is Idaho, they don't care. Last winter I watched a guy ride his snow machine down main street stop at the gas station for gas and beer and then rode the snow machine back home.
I Can.
Didn't know you were a cop, is there any kind of training you guys go through to spot modified vehicles such as Heim joints?
Only been Sworn for about 3 weeks now. Part time gig at the moment.

In NC, the SHP Motor Carrier division would really be the only LEO agency that would have the specialized training to know (and would be the only unit to enforce) these laws. Deputy's and Police officers don't get that training, they have other things that require their attention most of the time.

So if you are in NC and see an SHP tahoe (you can tell the ones that have the portable scales in the back they squat bad) the would be the only ones to enforce that type of law.
I would just order some of the ruff stuff bolts. As far as setting the pinion, I assume you are using standard u-joints at both ends? You need to have the truck on a level surface and weight on it (so cab and everything because it does matter). You want to take the angle of the output of the t-case (degrees its pointing down) and match the rear pinion at the same degrees pointing up. Once you get the pinion angle to match with weight on it, tack on the spring perches and then pull the axle to fully weld it.
I am with diesels10 and Sonomaclature, prefer lunchbox lockers to trac lok or limited slip. Which is buy I bought open diffs.
Good part is you got it. I'll bet you do pick up a pipe wrench next time you are out! Definitely comes in handy for alot of things!!!

Gotta love the ingenuity to make it work thou!
^ Can't you buy some of the same bearings you have and just grind the center out to make them slide on and off with ease? 100 bucks seems high for something you might only use once or twice...
I'm not sure about the slowest... I think I get that award! haha

I wouldn't worry about the overall width much. Just get your spring centers right at 31.5 and then what ever it ends up being overall is what it is. And remember measure twice, cut once. Measure 100 times, tack weld, measure another 5 times, finish welding!
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