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Well i just got a york 210 the other day for a grat price. Well i have been doing some searching on the forum and i havent got the pics i would like to see or the question i have answered so hear it goes..

On a york 210 i see everyone uses a Vbelt off the alt, well on my 94 4.3 the alts on the passenger side, and i have the AC delete pullt in. I was on Kilbys site and saw the serp clutch for the 210 and i know why people perfer the V belt.
i was just wondering if any one has pic of a 94 to 95 4.3 with a york or other compressor just for some mounting ideas. or pics of yorks on serp drive.

Now if i ran a serp on the york would the stock idler pully be enough tension on the belt??

Thanks for the look if you can help i would greatly apperciate it.

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