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Yet another problem with my truck

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Ok here we go again. I was going over to my girlfriend's house today and I looked in my rearview and saw a ton of smoke coming from behind my truck. I hit the brake to slow down to turn and my truck pulled extremely hard to the left, into oncoming traffic about 30 feet ahead, I swerved back into the lane and continued to slow down and holding the wheel turned to the right. I pulled into the first street and saw a sh*t load of smoke coming from under my hood. I popped it and smelled something burning. Great. I get back in my truck and and drive another block down to my girl's house and hit the gas slowly and only to find that the tranny wasn't pulling and doesn't shift right. I pull into the driveway and pop my hood and go inside to talk to her dad. We come back out and all of my tranny fluid is spilled onto the ground and the excess hit the maifold causing all of the smoke. We called the flatbed tow truck and have it towed to Mile's and they said they will look at it first thing in the morning. Ugh. This truck must not have been assembled right or something. It is the biggest piece EVER!

Oh well, next year I will have my Typhoon and everything will be fine! :evilg:
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Sounds like you got a mess on your hands. A Typhoon ?? Where u gonna find one of those and how much is it? I would love to find a nice Syclone pretty cheap. That is like my dream truck.
I have found quite a few online. All in excellent shape. Try going to www.autotrader.com and search for Syclones.

Hopefully my truck will be fixed by this weekend. I will have to call the dealership tomorrow to find out what is wrong.
that sucks man i would be pissed too, moving on i mounted two new tires on the front of my truck so i would have sumitomo's all the way around but when using the piece of **** machine at LLCC, the trucking metal piece that is used to bring the tire over the lip of the rim decided it didnt like my rims and dug into them , because the teacher never put a 50 cent peice of plastic on the metal to protect the rims so then i asked the teacher what the hell was wrong with it and he didnt know what he was doing so brad came down and it ended up being me and brad changing my tires b/c the teacher didnt know how, so now both of my front rims of gouges and **** in them near the seals of my tire, so yeah thats my bitching for the day i also beat the **** out of some crap in the shop just so i could get even lol later guys
Damn, that blows. I found out what happened to my truck today. I was in an accident last summer (April) and what it did was knock a coupler that holds the tranny oil line to the transmission loose causing all of my tranny fluid to drain out of my truck and then fry all of my clutch plates. Miles had to rebuild the transmission and I should get it back around 5:00 today hopefully.
Damn Jake that sucks ass. O well at least it is stil under warranty. Hey matt i saw you today driving out to school. I was behind you but i guess you didnt see me. brad was telling me last night about your rims i would have beat the **** out of the teacher mroe than anything!!!
that would frickin suck if that happend to my tranny damn....... and yeah matt i would be pissed at ur teacher to yo...... lol my rims aren't great but at least the look decent for stock and ur xtreme rims are nice so yeah i would be pissed...... and thanks again jake for helpin with the clear corners and i feel stupid after u help me put em on lol :( but yeah next is saving for my tails that i owe brad for but im out all peace
I got my truck back today and everything is good now. Every part was replaced except the case. Basically it is BRAND NEW! It feels so good to have my wheels again; although I was only without them for 2 days.
Jakes2001 said:
I got my truck back today and everything is good now. Every part was replaced except the case. Basically it is BRAND NEW! It feels so good to have my wheels again; although I was only without them for 2 days.
I know the feeling, I was without my ride for over a month!:cry:
Last year, after my accident, I was without it for almost 2 months. It sucked ass.
hey jake i just noticed like some stupid whistling/squealing noise coming from like my dash today while driving around it annoyed the hell out of me so i blared some system of a down haha, is that where your stupid noise came from and should i just take it down to the dealer now??
Nah, I don't think you should take it right yet. I was looking thru some threads on here and found that the noise is caused by the throwout bearings. All you have to do is put a lil grease on them and it should clear right up. I have to do that to mine, cuz once it starts, that damn sound doesn't ever go away.

If that doesn't work, then take it to the dealership. They said it happens to all 2001s.
alright, i dont know where those damn bearings are lol, could you tell me where they are and then i can do this to them?? thanks
I have no idea either, I will be going over a friend's house today cuz his bags blew up front so he is just putting in coils for now so we are swapping them out and I will ask him if he knows where they are. I will get back to you on that one.
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