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xBs are Minitrucks, right?

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I just wanted to share this little turd. I really like it. Went to NC to get it, I'm long over rust.

It's alot of fun, super tall person friendly, looks cool, and gets better fuel economy then my Cruze did, what's not to love?

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Ew. lol Sorry dude.
You either love or hate these things, its fine lol
I've seen several with the tops of two giant pieces of toast on the top.
It should be popular with young folks, they look just like every car drawn by a 4-year old.
They were, keep in mind they're 20 years old now lol
Yeah, theres a whole group on facebook with people with custom truck converted first gen box xBs.
Wow, figured you people would like this thing.

Oh well.
I'm still interested. If it were a Nissan Cube though......BAN! lol
I like Cubes too! LOL

Its a great, fuel efficient daily for me. I like it way more than it should.
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1.8 or 2.4? the 2.4 has a tendency to eat its piston rings and consume oil as it wears down the cylinder walls. Toyota says 1 quart every 1000 is normal. It is not.
The gen ones ran the invincible 1.5. The second gens suck, very good example of americanization ruining everything lol.

The gen 1s are almost unchanged from the Japanese model. The gen 2s were designed for north america.
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