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Wynjammer supercharger 1500

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I bought the supercharger from someone on here a while back. I bought the upgraded fuel injection and pressure bonnet blow off valve heavy duty belt from wynjammer site but never got to use it. Totalled my truck and really need the money. 1500 firm. Have it on Craig's list in detroit metro area. Also have 2001 Sonoma for sale for parts. Engine ran strong before accident. No damage to the motor didn't even ruin radiator. Frame is bent on the driver's side. About 90k miles on it and is a stepside with good interior zq8 I think it is suspension and two wheel peel differential. Hit me up [email protected] if interested. Sending this from my
phone so give me a yell for more information and my number if you would like to know more.
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I still have the supercharger 1500 firm.
I was going to keep it but its just sitting here. 1500 firm you pick it up from Michigan or 1600 I ship it to you. I think its a very good deal I paid a lot more for it. Email me at [email protected] for more info
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