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wtt billet wheels

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want to trade my billets for another set of billet with all 4 20". mine are 18/20 with brand new toyo extenza 225/40r18 in front 245/35r20 in back. two have slight curb rash. tires have less then 2000miles they were bought right before slamfest. they are billet specialties and were ordered so all rims go the same direction not like some you see where they go different directions on the driver then passenger side. for trade only not for sale

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He has 18" Boyd Coddingtons... there's a thread on here somewhere.
Do you know the backspace on your 20"? I'm sure we can work some kinda deal.
they are 18" Intro Rodder 5's not boyds lol
Fail... sorry. LOL

I have plenty of wheels/ tires to trade for those 18/20s just kinda attached to the Spyders unless it's cash. I spent tall money having them restored...
1 - 3 of 44 Posts