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Is there anyone alive in this club
I leave for a few weeks and nobody wants to post on here, guys I am not the driving force of this club
We all are, and that bothers me

Sorry about punctuations not being on here, but i have a few dead keys on my laptop

Anyway, I am living through this and the surgery went well
Not as much damage as thought

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That is good new Shawn!!!

As far as the forum goes, I have not been on that much anyway, between work, and class two nights a week and the homework etc... I don't do much on the forum right now at all.

I am still going to Camp-N-Drag next weekend, I think Jeff is as well........
Phil, I sent ya a text, I need my swap manual back when you get a chance, even just drop it in the mail or what ever.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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