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wtf!.....i'm missing a hop shock!

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this might sound stupid, but does everybody with a zq8 suspension have a hop shock? it's suppose to go from the axle to the passenger side frame rails.

the topic came up in a meet i was at this afternoon. every darn zq8 have it and i do'nt. i have the bracket sticking out the axle, and the holes in the frame, but no shock. i dont believe it, i bought the truck brand new, and it's missing a shock.

makes me think what kinda quality control they have at chevy. if they forget to install a third shock, what else am i missing? :mad: :mad: :mad:
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some have it i heard after 99 they stopped puttin them on becasue of ride reasons. my buddys 01 sonoma has it there but no shock also
I have a 01 and it has a hop shock. From what I've heard, all of the trucks that have a five speed have them but the autos don't.
H O P SH O C K ...................!

I have a '00 Xtreme with the 4.3 V6 Auto... !
It has the Hop Shock
on the passenger side rear..........!
all the zq8 trucks in the meet have the hopshock. from 99-01, fleetside-sportside, auto-manual, regcab-xcab. i'm the only that do'nt. it must have been a mistake in the factory. like i said i have the bracket part welded in the axle. so i think i'm suppose to have one.

anyways, i'm going to the dealer tommorow, so i'll keep you updated.
anyone have a pic?

does anyone happen to have a pic of where it's supposed to be located or what exactly it looks like? I checked my truck after reading this and I didn't see any sort of extra shock anywhere.
its on the passenger side...top of the axle and points toward the front of the truck.
Just my info. My '02 has a hop shock too. see the sig for specs.

well, i just got a phone call back from the dealer. and he told me that all the zq8 automatics does not come with a hopshock. and i think that is bull, coz i've seen a few 99-01 automatics, not mention a few in this board, and they all have the hopshocks. so it's either somebody got thier information wrong, or gm just does'nt wanna admit thier mistake.

so the next option i got is to phone the 1-800 gm number to get better info. and they got me this lady sitting behind the desk....like, wtf does she know about f*cking hopshocks. so i asked for the supervisor, and she gave me the phone number of another lady behind the desk, which btw is "not at work at the moment". so i'll have to call her tommorow. and i think this supervisor is the same person that told me that the k&n gen II will viod my engine warranty.

sorry for the novel, but i'm starting to get pissed. i feel that i'm getting the short end of the stick. it does'nt matter if i got an auto or not, my truck viberates like a motherf*cker when i launch...and thats a problem. :mad: :mad: :mad:
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