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So I’m thinking about selling my Sonoma GT but I honestly don’t know what it’s worth. It’s running good and has close to 100,000 miles now. It has been repainted by a previous owner. Sorry I don’t have any more pics at the moment but interior is kinda rough cracks on dash and what not.

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Problem with that idea is you'll find what folks are asking. It's much harder to find what they actually sold for.
I found one place asking over $9 for one with 150K+ miles. They'll never get that much. Also found a rough, but not rusty one asking $3K.
You also have to keep in mind that yours isn't totally stock. Which to a collector is a minus.
Is it just my monitor or is that not the stock red?
Plus the interior could get pricey to fix if a buyer can even find the correct parts. Especially if there is a problem with the seats or gauges. Good 1st gen dashes are hard to come by.
Covid 19 has also put a dent in the collector/performance car market. Folks aren't sure what'll happen next and are a bit hesitant to buy expensive toys right now. I was thinking of selling my Corvette, but think I'll hold on to it for a couple more years since the used Corvette prices have plummeted. On the other hand it's a great time to buy one if you're financially secure. If there is such a thing these days.
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