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Easy to remember. If the color has an L in it, it's for the left. If it has a R in it it's for the right. If it has a T in it it's tail lights.
yellow is left turn and brake
green is right turn and brake
tan is tail and license plate lights
black is ground - bolts to frame. Black is always ground on GM
light green is back up lights
If you hook all the same color ones together it should work right.
On trucks with a factory trailer harness red is 12V for aux power to the trailer for use for interior lighting, etc. Not connected under the hood until you connect it to something.
Dark blue is for trailer brakes. It's also not connected under the hood. You need to connect it to the trailer brake controller.
There is also a white or light blue not connected to anything, in the harness. It's for CHMSL on a cap or bed cover should you need it.
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