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Just thought i would share some info with all of you on some electrical issues i have.

Well i went to hook up my shift light again to a new power and ground source last night. And i was going to use the factory wiring for the Fog lights which is behind the headlight switch ( which i don't have fogs lights but there is still a pigtail with 12 volts there at all times.)

Well i go to use it but it doesn't work. i check the voltage again, 12 volts. i start the truck 14 volts. ok it works. now i hook the shift light up again, nothing.......

ok so i hook the voltmeter up and test the voltage while the power and ground are on, and it has 1.5 volts! so you can't use the orange wire for power on the fog light socket behind the headlight switch!

just thought i would let everyone know, cause it caused a big head ache with me trying to find out why the light wasn't coming on!

in the end i used the cig. lighter power and ground. i don't smoke and i never open that thing anyway.

CLIFF NOTES: Don't use the orange power wire from the fog light pigtail for anything! it will have 12 volts constant untill you ground out what you are working with, then it will have only 1.5 volts.
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