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Why is there no factory seats available

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Simple question. I’m restoring a 2002 Chevy S10 V6. I have been looking everywhere for a very simple part…..a seat. Just a simple seat. Guess what!? You have three choices. One of those stupid ridiculous high back racing seats (must be for handling all 100 horse power), used, nasty seats from eBay, or seat covers to go over the completely broken seat you have. I’m wondering why new replica factory seats don’t exist. I don’t want a Cavalier seat or a Sunfire seat. I don’t want a Blazer or Bravado seat. I simply would like an aftermarket plug and play effing S10 seat. Thanks for any help lol
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plenty of good replacement seats out there. camaro, cavlier, sunfire, they all are darn near a bolt in thing and work. 0and theyre readily available
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I’m wondering if I would need the tracks from the Camaro seat or the S10
well, to be a bolt in, youll need the tracks that bolt in to your truck. The s10 sat tracks unbolt from the seat, and many GM products have the same or very similiar bolt pattern on their seats to where the s10 seat tracks bolt on to the different seats. Then, it'd be a bolt in seat swap.
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