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Why I love our club...

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We might not be the best club around. Hell, our club petty much blows ass compared to the others that are around. But for some reason, I love the shit out of it. Wither its the failed meets, or members that just kinda died. We fucking kick ass! Except Cory. :D

Now, the failed meets is by far fucking awesome. Our last real meet was what? September? Shit, we suck at meets! Sure we all say that once it get nicer out meets will happen. HA! It seems the only time any of use get together is to try and screw one another out of money some how(Jim :haha:)! Our meets are like "double vaginal, double anal." It sounds good in theory, but its pretty much physically impossible. Some blame distance on being a factor. Sure thats understandable, but Chris still shows up! He just bitches the whole damn time like a middle school girl that thinks she weighs too much.

Also, The constant pestering and blatant hatred we have for each other. Jason may blame his grumpiness based on the fact hes old as dirt...but... well I guess that'll work. Plus the select few that show of only when they feel like it. Like Dylan, we all know his fiancee is the best part of him showing up! Cory knows what I'm talking about! Then we got Dave, was it just me, or did anyone else want to punch Dave in the face when they seen him last? Lastly, Speaking of punching in the face. A big **** you to Jeremy. Only because his trucks are the only shit boxes in this club that actually work right and do what they need to do! :finger:

As a whole we are a fairly bad club. We can't meet for shit, our members are a joke. Like Vanessa, She off being too big of a bitch to do anything! We say our club has standards and requirements for vehicles to be apart of our club. Ummm... We let the lemon in... all I'm saying. Cory's crappy blazer is the only popular thing, thats just because it looks alright in pictures. El Camino's are a car. Not to mention we even say we don't take the shit seriously. We're like the anti-christ of car clubs. The exact opposite of what a club should be. Yet, thats what makes us awesome. We're just serious about not giving a shit.

**** you guys! :finger:
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