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Who's going to THW???

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Anyone else going to the grates fuc*in show in the state or even, dare i say, the nation? TEXAS HEATWAVE! For those of you who dont know its full of S-10's, fullsizes, imports, burnouts, chicks flashin people and gettin naked, o yes and something we all love BEER:beer: . The dates are July 19-21 @ The Travis County Expo Center located in Austin Tx. Hope to see ya there!
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i'm going

wow, talk about a dead thread. there has to be some other people from texas or surrounding states that are going to this show.

myself and a few others from s-seriesforum.com are making the trek. we'll meet some austin members there as well. if any of ya'll are going post here so we can possibly meet.
Yep, I'm going....gonna take plenty of ice water too as it is always VERY HOT there.
Word of caution: avoid the trouble-makers as there are lots of plain-clothed cops there!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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