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They were probably made overseas but www.procarparts.com is where I got them. Not too bad for the price, I think they were around $30. The gauge had a small window for the odometer to show through but it just looked blury so I cut it out, you can see my screwups in the first pic. The holes for the needles are large enough that you can slip the gauge face on without having to remove the needles. This is the second gauge face I've bought from procarparts. The first was on my 2000 Celica and it was a 6 color one. They were very nice. The one on the Blazer is their 2 color model and the registration was a little off. They are on my 02 Blazer 4.3 auto. Later.

*edit* Looks like they quit selling the 2 color and went to the 6 color inverter. $25.95. I chose this one because it doesn't cover the idiot lights at the top.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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