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Whining noise at cold start

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Hello,turned on my truck and started hearing this noise like a wooo whining noise,not sure where it came from or what it is anyone have any clue? Its a 2003 4.3 sonoma,the weather was cold drove it home and the noise went away.
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Alright will take these suggestions and do alternator and pulley by hand cause the water pump was changed 5 months ago.Thank ya'll
Check all of the pulleys. FWIW, even though it's probably not the water pump (as it's new) it wouldn't hurt to check it as well. Brand new parts have been known to be faulty (not often, but possible). Keep us posted.
Alright,ill see when i can do it most likely it'll have to be tommorow.will ya'll posted
could be a vacuum leak
Well its a loud woo noise and you can hear it from the car next to me inside,and goes away once i start driving around.Dosent come back until its cold again from what i have noticed
from this corner of the internet it sounds like it could be an air-sucking sound...
it would go away when you blip the accelerator as it did when you did...
a pulley would likely get louder when you blipped it...
we can only guess here...
Alright well thank you,ill see if all the houses are ok on the intake.It does sound like its at the front of the engine will keep seeing though thanks for the suggestion.
Alright yea ill pull off the intake so far it hasnt made the noise,but it wasnt as cold as yesterday night when i got out of work.
Remove the belt, start it, and find out. Or you could just pull the intake on a hunch...
Yea pulled off the intake part ontop of the motor the orange gasket looks old not sure what it would be called.
Since you're tackling the intake manifold, does that mean you checked & ruled out the pulleys as the source of the sound?
That's the thing the sound has not come back from ever since. I got a steel bar and put it on every pulley, and the only one that sounded a bit gritty and a little louder but not noticeably louder without the steel bar was the alternator. But so far the noise has not come back, and the gasket for the intake wasn't too bad, just old. I plan on getting a new one, but I'm not sure what it will be called. But the noise has gone away, even on cold starts. But again, the weather hasn't been as cold lately (Texas weather), so I'm not sure if the leak has tightened everything up. Now I'm waiting for the noise to come back.
FWIW, I've never heard of anyone being able to find that orange o-ring gasket available separately. As far as I know, the only way to get a new one is to buy the whole plastic elbow for about a hundred bucks.
Alright well till the sound comes back and i know its that well ill go ahead and try to get it.
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