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Whining noise at cold start

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Hello,turned on my truck and started hearing this noise like a wooo whining noise,not sure where it came from or what it is anyone have any clue? Its a 2003 4.3 sonoma,the weather was cold drove it home and the noise went away.
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Remove the belt, start it, and find out. Or you could just pull the intake on a hunch...
this is a huge problem we all have yet to solve because they nearly allllll leak right there too.
When do they "allllll" start to leak? I'm a little concerned since my truck is only 20 years old and barely has 196,000 miles. If it's going to start leaking like "allllll" off them do before a half-million miles, I should start planning.

I'm also concerned for the two Astros I have with the same 262 V6 and CPFI/plastic intake Those are even harder to access and one of those has a quarter-million on the ticker.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts