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I'm still looking for some information on possible clearance problems. Time is kinda tight as the Goodyear store that wrecked my stock SS rims are springing for a new set of rims and tires.

Here is what I have:

96 SS
Belltech spindles (2")
2" blocks in rear(will be changing to 3")
no bags

This is the set up I want:

Up front 17x8 Boyd Coddington Blaster 5
245-45-17 Goodyear Eagle HP Ultra Plus

Out back 17x9.5 Boyd Coddington Blaster 5
285-40-17 Goodyear Eagle HP Ultra Plus

From what I've read clearance shouldn't be a problem but I'm not sure about back spacing.

Tony appears to be the resident expert so if you (Tony) can offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

I know 17's are pretty conservative but road conditions dictate restraint. Thanks in advance.

Rick Hanssen
[email protected]
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