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Hi guys...

I'm new here and trying to find my way around - so bear with me please.
I have a '95 S10 regular cab / 2.2 and I would like to put a set of 89 Camaro alloy rims on it that I got a few weeks back. They are the Z 2/8 style - 15" x 7" size and I would like to find out from anyone familiar with this type on an S10 sitting at normal body height - what maximum size of tire will fit on the rims and under the fenders of my truck without any problems.
I believe the backspacing for these is 4.25"... Will I need to put spacers to try and move the wheels out some for tie rod end / frame clearances? Personal reccomendations as to what tires will work well (cost is a major consideration as always) in wet and dry conditions, would be appreciated. I have heard of some putting 255 x 60 x 15 series and bigger on S10's but I have to wonder...
I would also like to find a way of mounting a tach ('A' pillar post or wherever??) in my truck as well, that will look good without drilling holes in the dash etc. Any ideas on that subject from those who have gone through it already?? Mine didn't have a tach in the dash cluster from the factory obviously...

Thanks for your assistance - Kevin
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