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hey, im new to the forum, but have had my s10 for a year.
here is what i got:
94 ext. ,vortec "w" with the 4l60E
K&N intake
Magnaflow exhaust (side exit behind pass. door)
chip (make unknown)
Beltech spindles and blocks (2 inch drop front and back)
Torque thrust II's and nitto 555
18x8 4.5bs 255/45ZR18
18x10 5.5bs 295/45ZR18
Hurst V-matic shifter

I hate my speed limiter, any ideas? i dont think the common chips that solve this work for the 94. im hoping to get to a goodwrench shop to see if they can calibrate my speedo for the new tires, and maybe raise the limiter - the tires can take up to 168 :-D
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