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Well I have a GM roll pan and a tailgate handle relocator sitting around the house waiting to be installed, I just need money to get um' painted. I also have some Vette rally wheels taking up space untill spring rolls around again, that will go on there untill i can afford some chrome wheels. Other then that during winter I will start a small collection of parts to put on in spring, including exhaust, envoy front bumper, Trenz gril, some kind of cover for the bed(unsure), and I am doing work with my airbrush now trying to get enough skills to do some flames on there.... but yeah, sorry about the novel, i just get all crazy when it comes to my truck...

Also, I'm thinking of going 1in lower in the front, what do you guys think? 3 all around or 2/3??

wats up fetus

I got registere at about 9:00 and i saw you on but i couldnt say wats up cause it wouldnt let me i got you on my list though

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