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What to do to my s10?

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Okay so I'm going to 1988 S10 that's in really good condition. It's got about 110,000 original miles on it and it's got all original body component the clear coat starting to come off so I want to repaint it it's red with red interior and I hate the interior and basically I'm having a really hard time finding out things that are compatible cuz I also don't want to spend on a leg doing everything this is my first time ever working on a vehicle. I finally found the plastic caps for my center caps they're all mismatched colors and I'm wondering if I should paint all of it my wheels and center caps. I also found a brush guard that was from a like a 94 ranger that I think will work but I don't know how to make it work and I also want like better seats and I don't know what she seats I should put in and or what other you know modifications I can make to the vehicle I think I'm going to paint it black and but if anyone has any suggestions let me know thanks.
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thanks for the suggestion! The dash and panels look great! I'm definitely doing this!
How was the install of the seat cover from LMC? I've been thinking about picking one up as well, but have been on the fence.
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