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What to do to my s10?

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Okay so I'm going to 1988 S10 that's in really good condition. It's got about 110,000 original miles on it and it's got all original body component the clear coat starting to come off so I want to repaint it it's red with red interior and I hate the interior and basically I'm having a really hard time finding out things that are compatible cuz I also don't want to spend on a leg doing everything this is my first time ever working on a vehicle. I finally found the plastic caps for my center caps they're all mismatched colors and I'm wondering if I should paint all of it my wheels and center caps. I also found a brush guard that was from a like a 94 ranger that I think will work but I don't know how to make it work and I also want like better seats and I don't know what she seats I should put in and or what other you know modifications I can make to the vehicle I think I'm going to paint it black and but if anyone has any suggestions let me know thanks.
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I apologize I should have prefaced with I can't type anymore I'll see if I truck and I have to talk to my phone in order for it to type so I get excited and I forget to say punctuation I'm not an idiot but I was it's really injured and I hurt my head so sorry
Well if you dont want to spend an arm and leg, then sell it now! Owning a vehicle will cost you, and fixing it up or customizing it will cost you dearly. So any first gen seats will fit for sure, even the SUV seats so you can get buckets. LMC has the door panels, dash pads and carpet but that will be $$$ to change the color. An upholstery shop will be able to as well for even more $$$$. And to paint it right, you are looking at several thousand if you pay someone to do it. Even rattle can crap will be a couple hundred, and it will look worse than chipping clear coat.

1. So do you want a nice truck? Then you are going to spend $$$ to make it that way, but the end result is worth it if you want more than just something to drive.
2. If you just want something to drive? Then leave it alone and keep it in good condition, maintain it and drive. It will be worth more than option 3 but less than option 1, in the end... It will also cost the least.
3. Rattle can it black. go cheap on everything you do and have a worthless truck that is pretty much considered junk, no matter how well it runs.

Your call.
thank you for taking the time to put the detail into saying that I am going to end up doing everything myself. I'm teaching myself and learning how to fix and do these things so that I can do it for a significantly less amount of money. I'm also doing it so I can learn how to work on vehicles because it's something I never was taught and these vehicles are beautiful and they're very simple. I do struggle with my leg being able to get around and then working on it right now but there are things that I have been able to do so I don't want it to be cheap junk it's a beautiful truck I want to make it look better and like your idea with the seats that were compatible that sounds awesome. Because that single seat bench seat is bad on my back but I didn't know what was compatible like I want a different instrument panel but I don't know what's compatible and I'm going to either paint it myself with the help of a professional painter or have my buddy who the painter painted I'm just not sure what color to make it. I want to go black but then I also I'm not sure what to do with the wheels I have those wheels that are like a star swirls and I finally got the lugs to put my center caps on but they're kind of scratched up they're from a 2001 and I'm just wondering if I should just paint the whole thing black except for the Chevy or and the wheels or other options sorry for the punctuation
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Get upholstery spray like SEM Color Coat and re-color your interior. Lots of choices. Yep, its a bunch of trouble to mask off a dash but it can be done. My dash was crap so I put a cap on it. Here's what mine looks like:
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I used SEM Light Saddle, Bluebird Brown and Trim Black. The seat covers are from LMC Trucks.
Wow this is awesome I've never seen this. My interior is in great shape, it's just paint chipping. So thank you!
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