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this summer im planning on changing up the setup, 450$ per sub is my limit and they must run on the A3000s, so an A3000 per sub(around 2000-2300rms each), box will be no more than 7.5-8 cu ft, tuning at 34hz probably

2 MX 15s(what are the ohms on these?)
2 MTs( get the 18 reconed and rebasketed to a 15 dual 1.4 and buy another 15 dual 1.4, so run each A3000 at .7 ohms)
2 memphis Mojo's 15s(what can these actually take daily?)
2 TREO ssx15's(probably a little pricey, and hard to find)
IA warden(if they ever come out)

sq isnt my main concern, i listen to mostly rap and MT does fine

i just think the 2 MT's would kill 2 MXs for the same price, and the others are just as expensive as MT, and i would rather have RE, although IA is located not far from me
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