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I am about to replace my front shocks and I need drop shocks! Which ones would be the best for a three for drop? Springs and blocks! Is anyone trying to sale a set of front shocks? Also is it a hard to do process, changing the shocks?!! Any info is great.


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I got Toxic Shocks and I like them...I haven't heard to many bad thing about any of the dropped shocks. Just get them for the right size drop.
Changing them is simple...jack it up and pull the tire...reach in through the top of the fender well and put either a pair of Vice-grips or a 1/4" wrench on the top of the stud and loosen the nut from the top...if it hangs and you can't get it to move...cut the b!tch off...then take the 2 bolts out of the bottom and slide the shock out of the bottom of the control arm. Reverse for installation.
Easy as cake.

Be forwarned...my Toxic Shocks came with all the hardware, but I had to put the "T"bar through the bottom of the shock...this can be a major PITA!

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There's some good shocks out there. I don't know about Toxic, but
the above member likes em and he owns a set. I run Doetsch Tech
and like em. There's Belltech's Nitro and Nitro Active, and a lot
of people run them..If ya go to Summit racing and ck out their
sport shocks for lowered rides, they're cheaper than Doetsch and
MADE by Doetsch, using Summit's handle. If I'd known that I
would of got em instead of the ones I have and saved some dough.

I'm going to get some circle track shocks from Summit that are 3 way
adjustable. I want to see what kind of ride I can get.

Anyway, there's 3 or 4. Edelbrock makes a pretty good shock. My
brother/in/law has em on his 2500 Silvey pulling a 28 ft 5th whelr
and it rides real nice..
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