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What kind of intake is this?

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This intake came on the 96-00 vortec 350 I just bought and there are no markings on it to indentify maybe someone can help?

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Sorry to tell you but those are not 96-00 Vortec heads. Those are more like the TBI heads.
The engine block could be a 96-00 model that someone has swapped the heads on. The heads on the 96-00 only had the 8 outer intake bolts that went straight down in to the head. The 87-95 heads had the 8 outer bolts at an angle and the 4 center bolts went in straight. Sorry I cant be of more help with your question about what kind of intake you have but you should be informed that if you was sold on that as being a Vortec 350 the heads are incorrect.
Again the block could be but the heads and intake are not. The heads are what made the 96-00 vortec 350 so sought after. We're just trying to help you understand what you have. You need to pull a valve cover and look at the casting number on the heads. According to Mortec.com that block is used from 95-00. If I was guessing yours will be from 95 before the vortec heads came out in 96.

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Read post number 5. That block casting is used for numerous combinations(yes the Vortec was one but not the only). Again if I would have bought that engine under the impression is was supposed to be the Vortec 350 I would be upset as its really not. You really need to pull the valve covers and see what head casting you have. But if your happy with what you have then great who cares but it is NOT a Vortec and that will matter when it comes to buying replacement gaskets and such.
1 - 4 of 43 Posts
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