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What kind of intake is this?

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This intake came on the 96-00 vortec 350 I just bought and there are no markings on it to indentify maybe someone can help?

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sorry it didnt come off of a 96-00 vortec there is a literal part number on it if you want to look it up
No that engine I have is a vortec 350 which is what is on the engine
I have no clear idea what the heck you are talking about, if i where to assume this is a late 80's feedback q jet intake.
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Yea he put it on… I was just curious if someone knew what kind it was is all.
Some more pics that are clearer would help.
Sorry to tell you but those are not 96-00 Vortec heads. Those are more like the TBI heads.
Well the engine decodes differently based upon the numbers on the block
The engine block could be a 96-00 model that someone has swapped the heads on. The heads on the 96-00 only had the 8 outer intake bolts that went straight down in to the head. The 87-95 heads had the 8 outer bolts at an angle and the 4 center bolts went in straight. Sorry I cant be of more help with your question about what kind of intake you have but you should be informed that if you was sold on that as being a Vortec 350 the heads are incorrect.
X2 on those not being Vortec heads. And that is not a Vortec intake of any kind. GM did call some of the TBI engines Vortecs because they had a ridge in the intake port on the heads to create a swirling effect to better atomize the incoming fuel mixture. What happened was that ridge reduced air flow something terrible. In 96 when they replaced those horrible heads with Vortec heads that ridge was removed, since it was not needed with sequential multi port injection. Because there was no fuel in the incoming airflow until right at the valve where the injectors are located.
As mentioned above true Vortecs have a completely different bolt pattern on the intake manifold and different shaped intake ports on both the manifolds and heads. You can not bolt a 12 bolt intake to a Vortec head. It uses only 4 bolts per head to attach the intake and at a different location and angle. It also does not have the heat riser passage from the heads to right below the carb.
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The manifold was added later on
I’ll take pictures when it’s all cleaned up
Those heads and that intake are definitely NOT a vortec. Look at the timing cover if it's plastic that will be a vortec short block.
Well you tell me the engine code is 10243880
That pic shows me standard bolt angle intake bolts, metal timing cover. That engine looks like an 84 85 305/350
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It’s def a 5.7 it’s stamped on the block
the 96-00 vortec 350 I just bought
this engine IS NOT a 96-00 vortec engine. Sorry. No if's ands or buts..
Well tell that to the block ID then idk
Again the block could be but the heads and intake are not. The heads are what made the 96-00 vortec 350 so sought after. We're just trying to help you understand what you have. You need to pull a valve cover and look at the casting number on the heads. According to Mortec.com that block is used from 95-00. If I was guessing yours will be from 95 before the vortec heads came out in 96.

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If you look at this VORTEC engine you will see many things you do not have.
1. Plastic timing cover
2. Vertical intake bolt holes
3. ^^^ on the front of the heads
4. Blocked mechanical fuel pump boss
5. Hydraulic roller cam
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