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Hi Everyone 👋
Happy Father's day to each of you !
I've been working on my 2000 4dr 2wd SLT GMC Jimmy with the 4.3v6 & Auto Trans. .
So I have been replacing the old Battery cables with AC Delco professional ones & I came across where the Positive cable gets bolted to a "junction box" on the Pass. side and then there is a cable that runs from there , across the bottom of the radiator then goes up to the fuse box on the driver's side .
So does anyone know what the proper & correct name for that cable ? Also does anyone have the AC Delco part number for that cable ?
Here is are a couple of photos that show what I'm talking about .
Also Thank You for any Help you can give me !!
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That cable carries the battery voltage from the 175 Mega fuse to the fuse box. I guess it'd be called the battery fuse cable.
Doubt you'll find a new one. Every 98+ S-series in the junkyards will have one. It's simply a length of IIRC 8 gauge wire with an eyelet crimped on each end. Might be 6ga
What's wrong with you current one? Never seen one damaged.
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