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I want to get everything i need for nitrous before i order. So what ignition sould i get, what type of wires,and what type of plugs?? Umm nitrous :scary: :scary: :evilg: :scary: :scary:

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Mallory HyFire VI. It's got everything you need and then some for less bucks. Check it out.

The Mallory Hyfire® VI Multi-Strike DIGITAL CD Ignition Control is the next generation of digital technology, incorporated into a state-of-the-art street/strip ignition system. The RISC micro-controller provides ultra-high speed processing to provide maximum energy output, unparalleled efficiency and complete coil saturation, while simple touch pad controls with easy-to-read LED displays allow quick, user-friendly adjustments.
Features and Benefits include:
* Next generation digital circuitry with four times faster processing than all other units available
* High speed "single instruction per cycle" RISC processor
* IGBT coil driver and power MOSFET high frequency conversion technology
* State-of-art EMI/RFI suppression software
* Automatic start-retard
* Multi-Stage rev limiting
* Built-in RPM Window Switch
* Adjustable High Speed Retard
* Boost sensitive proportional ignition timing retard (with optional MAP sensor kit)
* 135mj of energy with up to 520 volts primary output
* Spark duration of 22.5° of crankshaft rotation
* Multi-Strike to 3,300 RPM
* Only 0.67 amps current draw per 1000 RPM
* Up to 12,800 RPM with 14.4 volts of input voltage
* Longer and more sustained burn time than competitive multiple-spark systems
* For street or competition
* Smog Legal
NOTE: For best results, use a Mallory Promaster® series ignition coil.
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