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So I'm wondering what everyone thinks are the top couple of brands of the following, or "their" favorite brands. I say couple because with the air filter everyone will most likely say K&N, but with oils, oil filters, gasoline and other things, there are some differences in opinion. Plus everyone can't afford that high price K&N or synthetic oil, but if you only want to add what you think is the best because that is all you have used then that's fine to. Hell, name what you can.

Top air filters
OEM (whatever that may be)

Top oil filters
Trying a K&N for the first time

Top brands of conventional oil (tranny to if you like)

Top brands of synthetic oil (" ")
Mobil One

Top brands of gasoline
Chevron 93
Exxon 93

Top tires (on&off road)
Anything other then UniRoyal Tiger Paw

Ok that's all I can think of. As you can see, I don't have very much to add yet. If there are some other things to toss in like wax or something, go right ahead. I don't have very much to add since I'm just starting out. But I do know worked for me with my Maxima

S-Clusive's Jester
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Air filter: k&n or volant
oil filter: k&N
conv. oil: Castrol
synthetic oil: royal purple
gas: whatever i can get
tires: goodyear or goodrich
turbo: mach
rims: 20's chrome

Black SS
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Air filter: K&N
Oil filter: Ac delco, puralator
Oil: Castrol, texaco/havoline
Synthetic: Mobil 1
Gas: Shell, Chevron, whatever price for 87 is lowest.
Tires: always had bridgestone street tires on the SS, and Nitto drag radials
Rims: stock for the last 3 years, hopefully some smoothie 2's.

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air: kn
oil filter: ac delco
oil: mobil one
gas: 91 octane (super unleaded)
tires: nitto nt 450s 235/55 in front 555s 245/55 in the back
wheels: i like my stock zq8s with the ss bowties on the center caps

Never Finished
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Air filter - K&N
Oil filter - AC Delco, Wix, Purolator
Oil - Mobil1
Gas - BP 93
Tires - BFG Comp or G-Force T/A's

white guy from lodi
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air filter...K&N
oil filter... napa
oil... Mobil 1

2nd place is the1st loser
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Air filter: any cotton/oil base
Oil filter: AC Delco
Oil: Mobil 1 or Amsoil
Gas:Shell is the best here local
Tires: Goodyear

Im Going Nucking Futs
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air filter- K&N
oil filter- Fram
Oil- MOBIL 1 or Mobil Drive Clean
Gas- Mobil/Exon 93 (Chevron 93 is good too)
Tires- Its all about the Michelin's
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