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OK I got unlazy and cut/pasted from the other board.

Here's how it goes, all three of them I work with. Two of them have mustangs. They were just BSing with eachother and decided to run eachother after work. I told them I wanted in and invited the guy with the F-250, he agreed. So we find a piece of road.
98(?) Cobra 4.6 5speed- K&N and an exhaust
86 Mustang GT 5.0 5 speed- same as above except for some big ass rear meats
86 (or something around there) F-250 w/ a 460 BBF and a 5 speed- more geared out for mud than pavement but its still a BB.
My humble 2000 X- w/ a few bolt ons.
Light turns green the Cobra's rear can't decide on whether it wants to go left or right but the whole car goes! The GT and myself keep close through first gear, but in second he starts to walk off on me, were both behind the Cobra. The F-250 is behind all three of us but he keeps on giving it everything he's got- sounded like he was going to drive right over me. I can't give you lengths or anything like that because I wasn't concentrating on three other vehicles, but if you haven't figured it out it ended up like this:
Cobra- by a good margin
GT- by a few lengths
Myself- Woohoo I scored first place in the truck category :D
F-250 somewhere back there I wasn't looking behind me.
I knew I was gonna come in Third but it was fun, not much action out here in this sack of **** town... I miss Houston... sigh...
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