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They are having a show in Wendel on oct 4th.Wh all wants to get together and take this one in.Should be sweet.
Here is the post I read about it at.Should be cool for us locals to go to.

All right whats up errrbody. Gonna do a little bit of promoting here. Team
Car audio in Wendell, NC is hosting Harvest Fest car and truck show. Its a top
100 show with Best paint, neons, rims, lowest adj, and non adj, Best club, And
a best pimpin award. There gonna have food, games, live music, dunking booth
to drown somebodys ass, a rock climbing wall so somebody can bust there ass,
and theres a parade in there as well. Also having a split class sound off and
some vendors in there selling some shit. But registration is 20 bucks and starts
at 10 am. And also got some free T-shirts. I think thats bout it. Anymore
info call the shop at (919) 366-3215 or go to there website at
www.teamcaraudio.com or hit me back. There also wanting any vendors that might be interested to
hit em up. Damn thats a lot of typing, Im done now. Lata.

Twisted Fantasies

What to you guys think.

Right On!!!!
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Hey guys, Randy Griffith from Twisted Konceptz is the guuy that went to Hooters with the yota that was bedless. Also brought the guy with the white bagged sonoma... This one might be worth going to..

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might check this one out getting new compressor monday hopefully still waiting on shop slow ass realtor
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