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Weird turn signal issue!

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Hi! I have a 2001 s10 w/s 2.2 5spd manual, I recently had the transmission guts replaced (2345 gears, clutch, slave cyl, and all the other goodies).
I got the truck back Friday, and today (Saturday) I'm having a weird issue.

The issue I'm having is when I turn the ignition on my front right turn signal comes on and stays on. It does not flash when I use the turn signal. However when I use the turn signal the right rear light comes on and stays lit.

When I use the left signal everything on the left works fine. I replaced the flasher/hazard relay behind the glove box to try and see if that was the problem but no luck. Due to work I won't be able to bring it back to the shop to have them look at it until Tuesday. Any ideas?

Thanks so much
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There you go. :cry: LED's cause more problems than you can imagine. We continually have guys on here chasing weird problems with them. Try incandescent bulbs (original style) in all positions on the problem side. Get 3157LL not 3057LL. The low filament is nearly twice as bright on the 3157. LL is for Long Life which are better bulbs. Rockauto gets $2.02 a pair for them in 2 packs.
Autozone gets $10 - Amazon $12 - most places are $4-5 a pair. Ace hardware or Wallyworld.

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Big agree...I have LED's in a few places, like my fog lights that I use as day time running lights (the LED bulbs I run will melt your eyeballs out) no mods needed, plug & play. Also use one for the center brake light because the stock bulb melted the plastic lens sitting in summer time traffic jams over the years. Big fan of the 3157's over the 3057's. With signaling and braking -- every little bit helps.
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