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the problem is your radio antennae wire....look on the passenger side floor panel area...you will see a black line going through a pretty good size grommet going into the firewall...these grommets do not fit very well at all...if you have passengers there feet will easy pull the grommett out...when your ac is on the evap canister drips water and the water hits the antennae wire and travels straight into the cab...same with the rain...when you drive in the rain the water will splash up into the cab...i have had this prob with 4 s series ranging from 95-01 models...jimmys blazers,sonomas, and s 10's...owned one of each..lol...the easiest fix is to push the grommet in as far as you can and get some clear silicon sealant like in bathrooms around tubs and put a good amount all the way around the gromett...i havent had any leaks since...when the water accumulates under the carpet the engine heat will actually cause it to boil...this causes an ungodly mildew smell throughout the truck at least all mine did...gm put out a notice about this a few years back but i cant remember where i saw it at...hopefully this will clear up your trouble man..let us all know
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