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Wanted 88-91 Wiring Harness

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Ok, now that summer is winding down, I need to find me a engine wiring harness ! Anyone have any leads of a decent 88-91 Harness for a 2WD 1st Gen with a 4.3/Auto ? Will be hitting Craigslist again and wandering over to my favorite junkyards
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I really thought that they were different. We did a 350 swap to an 87 that had a 2.8 originally and Dad had to mod the harness. Same with another swap that was a 2.8 truck originally. The swaps in 4.3 trucks I never changed anything on the harness.
I have a stock 91 Syclone 92-93 Typhoon 4.3 engine wiring harness if youd be interested in that?
Dont think that would work either. I can look into it but I dont know HOW different it is because of any turbo stuff involved. Thanks
i have the harness and ecm still
$$ ?
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