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i know it's simple, but i want a walkthrough of how to revinyl my doors, if any1 could do a how-to on this it would be greatly appreciated b/c i would like to do it this coming weekend, would like to have it done b4 the meet sat. night so please any and all help is greatly appreciated

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You're in luck. I just finished doing mine!
1)Remove screw from behind door handle
2)Remove plate from behind door handle
3)Remove the small plastic plate inside the padded door handle/closer
4)Remove the two bolts that are now accessable
5)Remove either the window crank or power window connections
For power windows removal of the control panel is nessessary to unplug wires.
To remove window crank handles you must remove the ring holding the crank in place. This is done either by a special tool or can be done with a small flat screwdriver. You must be able to see the ring's bottom. Carefully wedging something between door panel and crank gives room to view the ring. Push on one outer edge until you feel the ring dislodge from around the crank.
6)Begin removing door panel at the bottom it's only held in place by small plastic rivets. Loosen the bottom first then the sides. Use a pry bar or long flat screwdriver for leverage. If a rivet breaks they are available at most autopart stores (cheap).
7)Remove the panel by pushing upwards (toward window) and wiggle side to side. It is held in place by wrapping around the door sheetmetal.
8)Disassemble trim around the window moulding, and back side of panel.
9)Remove stock vinyl and use it to make a template for the replacement fabric.
10)Use old padding or replace (I used felt).
11)Fit replacement and adhere it to panel surface with spray adhesive or 3M double stick tape. Be sure to pull fabric tight EVERYWHERE! This is where you win or lose!
12)Replace panel

Don't forget to grease and check all parts inside door while you have it apart.

Also adding fabric to the speaker grills is another idea. Good luck!http://www.minitruckzone.com/jakes96 Here's my 96!
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