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Hello: I have an engine (2.2 in a 2000 s-10)vibration that I can not find. Things already done: Balanced tires, driveshaft checked for straightness and balanced and new u-joints, new rotors calipers and pads, new engine mounts, new transmission mount, new harmonic pulley, new power steering pump, new spark plugs, new wires, new torque converter, new belt tensioner,. Vibration seems to follow engine rpm. At a total loss, what can be left or is it just characteristic of a 4 cylinder ?. Only had 4.3 in other s-10s. Any ideas greatly appreciated.
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When does it occur? Are you sure it's engine? Are you lowered? Std or extended cab? Your pinion angle could be off.
Extended cab and all stock. sitting still in garage increase and decrease rpm vibration follows. driving down road, vibration increases as transmission ships up, when in overdrive and rpm falls, vibration decreases, but still there. appreciate your help.
Did you mark the driveshaft, shafts when you replaced the U-joints? You might try rotating it 90* and reinstalling it.
Had driveshaft professionally done by a shop that specializes in it, but my question is why do I get the vibration just sitting in garage or sitting any where and follows rpm?
Have you checked for loose/mis aligned pulleys/harmonic balancer?

BTW....Moved to 2.2L 2nd Gen 4 Banging.
new harmonic pulley, vibration still there with serpentine belt removed, thought Power steering was going out so replaced. Just a real mystery
Dang...I'm out of ideas. I'm sure some of the 2.2 guys will jump in after their morning coffee.

One last thought...motor mounts?
I’d bet on pinion angle issue . Need a degree wheel and check your output degree and pinion degree , they should match or you will get a vibration .
guys- he is getting the vibration sitting still- that ELIMINATES the drive shaft. he did the mounts and the balencer- i would look for a loose bolt- be it on starter,bell housing or the torque converter- vibration caused by a weight in motion in park- either internal to engine or tranni.- four GOOD jack stands- start and crawl under -look and listen
we just put in new torque converter a week ago, also removing starter, and as far as I know we tightened everything and it is vibrating sitting still.
What a puzzle. can not find anyone with anymore ideas, but thanks
You didn't confirm torque on the convertor.
sorry, but we pulled starter and checked torque on converter and all is correct and while there checked all other bolts and inspected motor mounts again
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So, did this vibration start before you did the tune-up or afterwards? Could you have a spark plug wire on the wrong plug or perhaps ruined a spark plug during installation? Does it matter if you have the clutch pedal depressed or up? If it follows the engine rpm and with the truck still then it is engine only related. Dropped a cylinder due to a broken rocker arm or pushrod?
Could possibly be a misfire, are there any codes stored? Does the engine seem stutter while it's revving up? Have you checked fuel pressure? Could have a plugged fuel filter & engine is starving for fuel. Have you verified there is good spark at the spark plugs? Have you checked compression? If it does it while sitting still, it's not driveline related.
had vibration since I bought, previous s-10 had vibration but drive shaft fixed it and hoping this time was the same, but not.. Did a tune up to try to help, but didn't. Automatic transmission, no codes stored, Have not checked compression, engine seems to run strong and have not felt any shutter., did fuel check and good. Runs regularly around 18 mpg. Guess compression check is next. Had local auto shop check for vibration, (did not do compression} and his answer was torque converter, so, put in new converter and still vibrates.
You said you replaced the motor mounts and trans mount. Were they replaced with good quality parts or el cheapo parts? I've seen plenty of low quality mounts cause vibrations when they were brand new, out of the box
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