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2000 S10 Blazer, lowered, lots of Mods, 1982 Chevy C10 Lowered
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Question for the Viair guy if he has time.

I recently picked up a 82 Chevy C10 that's lowered, looking at bagging it.
Right now I'm collecting all the parts and accessories needed...

I have a bunch of stuff left over from when I was going to bag my Blazer, but lost interest in that, so I figure I'll repurpose what I can.

The question is, which compressors should I be looking at, I'm going to be running either an 8 port 8 Gallon tank or a 10 Gallon (that I already have), filling 4 Slam Specialties bags.
I currently have 2 450Cs that are probably 8-10 years old, never been fired up. But I'm wondering if there is something more efficient/better to give me plenty of air.

IF I can find them after my move a few years ago, somewhere I have 8 3/4" SMC valves and a bunch of other crap too.

I'm not trying to hop or 3 wheel or anything crazy, but I'd like a decent amount of playtime and as quick of recovery time on the tank as I can get, within reason. I'm not loaded... :)

What do you recomend?
Stay with the 450Cs or should I look to a pair of a different model?

Thanks for your time.

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Run what you have. EDC is the best option for that huge tank and giant valves.
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