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Does anyone have a picture(s) they could provide to show the correct assembly step x step of how the intake & exhaust valves are assembled?

Based on what I read on these forums, currently I am getting the feeling that this might be the case:

Intake valves: Came with factory seals and o-rings
Exhaust valves: Only came only with factory o-rings. Later on a TSB was issued indicating that the exhaust o-rings were being melted by the heat and an exhaust seal should then be added to the exhaust valves to help with the heat issue.

The seal kit that I bought does only have 6 seals (I assume for only the intake as was initially made from the factory). Should I just get another valve kit that has 6 more seals and add them to the exhaust valves as I have read some people do? Any suggestions or advice would be super helpful!!

I've been spending waaaaayyyyyy too much time trying to figure out what to do! hahaha, ugh......

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