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Ok, my '85 2wd blazer runs like crap on the highway, so I'm checking out the whole engine as best I can.

It leaks oil through the hose going into the valve cover from the air filter, which is the intake into the crankcase for the PCV system, apparently when there is too much exhaust (blow-by) gases for the PCV valve to deal with, it will exhaust out the intake hose. Problem is, it spews oil into the air cleaner as well as all over the exhaust manifold, creating a lovely smell after it has ran at high RPM for a while. Im going to try relocating this hose to drain under the engine, I dont want to fix the rings, I dont even want to spend the money on a compression test. Wierd thing is, it doesnt go through that much oil (1L every 6-8 tanks).

Now I'm checking all the vacuum hoses, I have a hose diagram from mitchell. There are 3 hoses cut and stuffed with bolts and screws, and one hose that is stuffed onto an exposed bolt on the engine. The hose that the diagram shows going to the air pump is going to the carbureter, and I cant find the air pump. I'm looking through the haynes manual, the mitchell manual, reading about the air pump and the AIR system, and its belt driven, so it should be easy to find. Even have pictures of it and the valve right off of it, but they arent in my truck. I wonder if it will run better on the highway with the hoses fixed?

Any advice is welcome. Could I possibly miss the air pump...?
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