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v8 swap to LSX upgrade

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Hey gang, not sure if this goes in the LSX discussion, but I have a 95 2door 2wd Blazer that already has an iron headed LT-1 with t-56 in it. Rear end has been upgraded with 4.10s, Eaton posi and disk brakes. Here is my dilemma, I have a lead on a wrecked C6 with a LSX 454 in it. Frame is unrepairable, auto trans is shot but I'd like to be in it for the motor, brakes and seats. Curious if anyone has taken one that has already been V8 swapped and upgraded to LS platform? Wondering if I'd have to change motor mounts and if the harness swap would be fairly straightforward or would I need to go aftermarket?

Any advice is appreciated!!
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I have a 95 with a SBC/t-56 in it, I want to switch to an LS..
yes, thousands of people switch out their tired SBC engines for the LS. It's probably the most common swap in the country.

youd need to gather parts, or get a swap in a box from summit and the correct spacer to adapt the ls flywheel to your trans. They might even make one that doesn't need the adapter.
if you runa standalone you can make the motor run very easily.
Some of your gauges might be an issue, but, you probably already have that figured out with your sbc swap.
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