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uwwsquirrel Great guy

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He's a really great guy. Great with communications, ships out fast too. Really easy to do business with. Would buy from again.
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Hey, everyone. I just wanted to give a shout out to forum member uwwsquirrel, who just helped me out bigtime. I had some damaged front axle parts, he happened to have some OE parts laying around, and offered them up to me for the cost of shipping. I've been going through some tough times as of late between finances and back-related injury (to go along with psoriatic arthritis, which is a real b**ch in the Winter). By sending me his old components, I was able to get my truck back on the road without having to go crawl around in the boneyard. May God Bless You, and I Thank you, uwwsquirrel! 237,000 miles and counting!
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