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Union City show!

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congrats to ezmouse for winning "Sexy mini" for the second year in a row. :haha: and Karen for the "nose bleed" award.
show was pretty good other than the damn rain! :rant: :rotf:
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I heard that if y'all had a couple more rides, y'all would've won the club participation award as well. Maybe some of your members need to get off their lazy asses.
show was pretty good other than the damn rain!
That's why I didn't roll out my chopped, sectioned, channeled, bodydropped, bagged 1986 lime green primer convertible front wheel drive crew cab Mazda B2000 with supercharged rotary engine to the show.

besides the fact that it was the All American Truck Show, of course.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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