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unfinished project 98 reg cab

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I have a 2wd reg cab s10. I wire wheeled the frame and undercoated it, as well as the underside of the bed. most of the truck is in heavy primer. it has a 4.3 that was fuel inj, but was swapped to carb setup (I don't have a carb) I have the doors for it, I am missing tailgate, rollpan, and mirrors. It has a suspension source 4/5 drop kit installed, the truck has sat for a while, it has never seen the road since I tore off more than I could chew. would like to get $2,200 for it or I will part it all out. I have a new core support, bravado front bumper, goodwood ss ram air style hood (still in box) it's taking up space and I do not want to scrap the truck, I would love to see someone else give it the care it needs to live a new life
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Is this the truck in your old build thread from 4 years ago that we're talking about? The one with the bad 2.2 you paid $500 for before taking it apart? Just doing a little due diligence.
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