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UNCC people

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hey everyone, im a freshmen at UNCC and just wondering who else, if anybody, goes there too or lives around the area. heres my truck if your look for it, may be a little different after christmas though.
i also have those smoked/red l.e.d. taillights and tint just not in these pics.

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used to live down there.

up the road about 18 miles on exit 36 there's a small collection of minitruckers... idropem96 from this forum being one of them, a couple guys with rangers, a mitsu, mazda, etc.

i may be moving back soon.

also, i'm not sure if it's still going on but about 11pm every friday or saturday over the summer somewhere around 50 cars/trucks/bikes from mooresville would roll down and meet up with everything else in the area, we filled up one of the parking decks at UNCC every weekend. everything from rice rockets to euro trash, minitrucks, sportbikes, choppers, and fine italian hardware.
damn that sounds pretty sick.

reply to cowboy: yea i guess youre right, i just figured with as many "carolinians" on this forum, some of them have to be around here.


that was the group of us in mooresville. best bet to get any info on the weekend scandals at UNCC.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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