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By the title you see I’m starting my first ls build which is an iron block 5.3 with 90,000 miles on it and it’s going in my 88 s10
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Truck was a pretty nice steal it has a 2.8l with 100,000mi with a 700r4 tranny, no rust anywhere on the truck, no dents or scratches except one small dent on the bed along the top you can kind of see it in the pic but interior is also in great condition except the dash has small cracks but other than that she’s perfect, and came with the steel cowl hood. The day I got it I took it and washed it off and did a rattle can paint job and this is how it came out
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Motor vehicle Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Pickup truck

not the complete best but she’ll do for now.

Now for the engine it’s a complete Low Mile Iron Block 5.3
my plans were to carb it and run a small shot of nitrous but I thought about it and decided to keep it FI and boost it looking for around 500-550 rwhp with a gt45
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tore it down to bare block and checked all my clearances and everything checked out perfect engine came with
-706 Heads swapped for 862’s
  • TrickFlow Beehive Springs rated for .610 lift IIRC
  • LS7 Lifters
  • BTR Hardened Pushrods 7.400 Length
  • BTR LS9 Head Gaskets
  • Elgin Sloppy Stage 2 Camshaft
  • Gapped Rings for Boost
  • New KING Rod, Crank, and Cam Bearings
  • Mellings Stock Replacement M295 Oil Pump

i didn’t get to take any pictures of the tear down and rebuild process but here’s the finished product.
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My last few steps are getting a wiring harness this engine will be boosted I will be starting off with the basic eBay gt45 so I really don’t want to run the stock ecu. I was thinking MS3 Pro or Holley Terminator X or should I go with the CPW wiring harness I would like to be able to tune. what would be the pros and cons or differences between them I have no sense of knowledge when it comings to wiring harnesses. will the stock truck accessory bracket fit or do I need the fbody bracket?
Would the stock Ls fan on the water pump be sufficient enough for cooling and dual electric fans? Sorry for the essay I wrote but any and all help would be appreciated
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